<p>Rameswaram is on the most sacred temple towns of the Hindus and forms a part of the holy pilgrimage of the Char dams. There is a major significance of the bridge across Rameswaram in the mythological epic, The Ramayana&nbsp; ( The story of Lord Rama ). Rameswaram has also an old historical town ruled by various southern dynasties.</p> <p>Rameswaram is unique with it being a pilgrim center for both the Shaivaites( Lord Shiva worshippers ) and the Vaishnavites( Lord Vishnu worshippers). The pilgrims here have a bath from the various wells that adorn the periphery of the temple before paying tributes to the lord. The Pamban bridge that is used to cross the river pamban to reach Rameswaram is an engineering marvel. Short drives from Rameswaram take you to some unexplored and unspoiled beaches. &nbsp;</p>

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