<p>Madurai, a temple town is surrounded by three hills(Yanaimalai, Nagamalai, Pasumalai named after Elephant, Snake, and Cow respectively).It is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world.Madurai city lies on the banks of the river Vagai, the river that brings water when one touches it.Madurai is an ever-bustling city and day or night the city is awake and active. The most famous of the temples of Madurai is the Meenakshi temple with its thousand pillars corridor.The city is divided into a number of concentric quadrangular streets around the temple.</p> <p>Madurai is also famous for its jasmine plantations the &quot;Madurai Malli&quot;, traded at the Madurai morning flower market.Madurai was once famous for the jalikattu festival, a taming of bulls where man and bull&nbsp;showing off their strength against each other ( This event has been banned over the last few years).</p>

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