<p>Kumbakonam, a pleasing small town situated in Thanjavur district of Tamilnadu is sandwiched between two famous rivers the Kaveri and the Arasalar rivers on either side of the town.Kumbakonam has been ruled by all the major royal dynasties of the past during their regime be it the&nbsp; Pallavas, Pandayas, Nayaks or the Thanjavur Marathas.Kumbakonam is &lsquo;The City of Temples&rsquo; given the number of temples that have been built in and around the town. There are believed to be 188 temples within the municipality of Kumbakonam. Another 100 odd temples have been constructed in the areas surrounding the town.</p> <p>The Kumbeswar Temple celebrates the famous Maham Festival( the festival is usually celebrated during the months of February and March ) which is of religious significance and an important festival of the region, once every &nbsp;12 years. During this festival, pilgrims visit this temple and take a holy bath in the Mahamaham tank.&nbsp;</p>

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