<p>The name of the district Wayanad is derived from Vayal Nadu. Vayal represents Paddy fields and Nadu is the land. So Wayanad actually symbolizes a land of paddy fields. The serene beauty of the place lies in its nature and surroundings that include fog capped mountains, dense forests, and fertile green agricultural estates. It is also home to a group of wild animals and has a wonderful assortment of flora and fauna. The region is nuzzled in between the Western Ghats Mountains in the state of Kerala. Wayanad is home to eye-catching waterfalls, serene freshwater lakes, mesmerizing peaks, emerald woods, historical monuments, wildlife sanctuaries, places of pilgrimage and many other attractions.Its climate remains pleasurable throughout the year. The most suitable time to visit Wayanad is from September to April.The handicraft and handloom products of Wayanad could be considered when it comes to shopping at Wayanad. Spices and other natural products like tea and coffee from Wayanad are excellent gifts to carry back home. Beside that embroidered mats, rugs, fashion wares are some other products of the region that you can look to shop for at Wayanad.</p>

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