<p>Poovar is a small coastal, fisherman village located 35kms from Trivandrum and 20kms from Kovalam. Poovar is a beautiful island which is surrounded by the river called Neyyar. Neyyar River originates from Agastyarkoodam Hills near Trivandrum and flows for 56kms before emptying into the Arabian Sea. During heavy monsoon, it carries sand and mud and an estuary was formed over time leading to the present form of Poovar.The river mouth is very wide here and can be mistaken to be a lake. There are only a few resorts located on the banks of the river Neyyar. One can see the lake first, and then the beach and the Arabian Sea. The main attraction of Poovar is the backwaters and the sight of the river merging into the Arabian sea &ndash; a sight which one will not get to see anywhere else in Kerala. Poovar beach starts where the backwater ends.All the resorts are located in beautiful natural surroundings with very good views of the river and the Arabian Sea. The calmness of the place provides a perfect setting for those looking for yoga, meditation or some sort of relaxation.</p>

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