<p>Munnar is a beautiful hill station in the Western Ghats of the Idukki district of Kerala. With the high mountains, tree cover, hazy mist filled valleys &amp; winding lakes it is blessed with, Munnar has a peaceful and lovely climate through the year. The extensive tea estates that line the mountain ranges around Munnar add a unique beauty and provide amazing views and memories which can be made in very few hill stations anywhere in the world. The hills around Munnar are also home to quite a few waterfalls and wildlife sanctuaries adding to the delectable charm of Munnar. Munnar is also known for the wild orchids locally called Neelakurinchi that usually blooms once in 12 years.Munnar means &quot;three rivers&quot;, coming from the fact that it lies at the confluence of three streams. The hills are dotted with little picture perfect towns. The tea estates in Munnar have a colonial past to them reflected in the many colonial bungalows that can be found among the tea estates. While holidaying in Munnar, one has many options for trekking and walks through the mountains taking in the fresh mountain air. All these factors make Munnar quite a hit among the tourists.</p>

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