<p>Located on the Laccadive Sea coast, Kollam is an ancient port town and is also known by its anglicized name Quilion. The region came under the reign of the Chera Dynasty until the formation of the Venad Kingdom in the 9th century. The city had trade relations with China, Egypt and Malaysia and has been deeply influenced by the plethora of cultural exchanges that occurred during the Sangam period. The city is another tourist hub, a trait common to most major towns in Kerala and is known for its spices and cashew industry. The town edges with the famous&nbsp;Ashtamudi lake.&nbsp; Many a foreign traveller has visited Kollam in an early medieval period.&nbsp; It was one of the early centres of Christian activity in Kerala. Apart from this, the city is also highlighted by being the leading centre for fishing in Kerala. Sasthamcotta one of the largest freshwater lake in Kerala is situated in Kollam. At least 1/3rd of the city is covered by the renowned Ashtamudi Lake which paves way for the magnificent backwaters of Kerala. Adding to the features of Kollam there are also many other historic remnants along with temples built in traditional style. The name Kollam is derived from a Sanskrit word Kollam which means pepper. Kollam is a quite interesting place which should be visited for it is a blend of abundantly supplied nature, glorious heritage and various culture.</p>

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