Oberon Mall is a shopping mall located in the Indian city of Kochi and the current second largest lifestyle mall in Kerala.. The mall is one of the busiest shopping avenues for the city of Cochin.Oberon Mall is a complete family entertaining shopping mall in Cochin. Oberon Mall simplifies our shopping experience; we can get all international leading branded items under a single roof. About 350000 square feet building with six floors is widely spreading on two acres of land. The world luxurious style design of this building differentiates this from other shopping malls in Kerala. One of the attractive features of this shopping mall is its escalator system it facilitates the extreme passageway for pedestrians. There have arranged lot of wonderful entertaining systems for their customers these include games, movie theatre and other entertainment zones, and shops world leading branded products. There is also having a food circle of world leading branded food products. The food circle includes varieties of dishes from different countries like Italian, Indian and Arabian dishes. The fried chicken and burger, products of great food brand named Crispy Chicken giving an extraordinary flavor to shopping. Arabian Treats offering their branded Charcoal Grills, salads and shawarmas. The Rasoi branded North Indian and south Indian dishes; Paapa's Milano's branded Pizza, Pasta and sandwich are giving a different experience in taste. We can also get a chance to taste Chinese dishes through their Noodle King branded food corner, and there also available variety of Dosa through their Dosa Express.

Oberon Mall




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